If you live in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) or Western Massachusetts chances are you’re pretty close to a place that serves our ice cream.

Jane’s Ice Cream is proudly served at a variety of venues such as Scoop Shops*, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets and Farm Markets. Of course, if your favorite place doesn’t have Jane’s, you could recommend us. We’ve been served at the most amazing places— bookstores, high-end clothing stores, bowling alleys, movie theatres and food trucks. So don’t be afraid to ask—we’re up for any challenge.

No matter where you find Jane’s, you know it will be worth the trip.

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      *WHAT’S A SCOOP SHOP? Stores dedicated to serving cones and cups often seek out Jane’s to make sure they’re serving the best ice cream to the long lines that queue up on summer nights.