Jane’s ice cream – simply better.

Jane’s is a boutique family business run by ice cream fanatics Amy Keller and Bob Guidubaldi since 1985. Their award-winning ice cream is made from recipes handed down through their families for generations. Hand-crafting their artisanal ice cream in small batches ensures the quality.

Jane’s is committed to delivering the best and boldest flavors we have found. And it’s made locally in Kingston, NY, in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We use the best chocolates, real fruits and pure vanillas to create our ice creams and sorbets. The dairy comes from cows raised without the use of synthetic hormones.

From your first spoonful, you’ll come to believe what we know: Jane’s is simply better.

What clients say about us

  • I was lucky enough to have a good friend introduce me to Jane’s Ice Cream. All I can say is, “WOW.” The ice cream tastes fresh and the flavors are so fun. I am now officially addicted to Killer Chocolate.

    Michael McFarland – Gardner, MA
  • I was recently at Omega Institute where I was introduced to your AMAZING ice creams years ago. In particular, I was looking forward to some Coconut Almond Joy. I have practically been haunted by this flavor ice cream. My problem is that I am a Maryland resident. Is there any way to ship your ice cream this far south? Thanks!

    Meredith, NY
  • I would like to inquire how I could buy you perfect ice cream and if it is possible to get it shipped to my home in Vail, CO. I recently moved away from the Hudson Valley where I fell in love with your ice cream there is no other that can stand up to your perfection. I need it to survive please help me.

    Anthony R , New York
  • As far as I’m concerned Jane’s ice Cream is the best in this part of NY state. Unfortunately, they closed their cafe, but the website has an up to date list of shops and restaurants that carry Jane’s. Killer chocolate is my weakness, but I haven’t found a flavor that wasn’t wonderful. Click on the where to buy link on the website.

    By the way, I’ve taken 2 friends, both of whom were indifferent to ice cream, to get Jane’s and both wanted to go back immediately!

    Mjoyous , New York
  • I just had to e-mail you to let you know that for the last two consecutive nights I have had a bowl of your Lime Sorbet at the Omega
    Institute in Rhinebeck. Oh my freakin’ gawd! We’re talking lime, limey, limey-est! As one staff member here said, “It’s all you need – except some water.” I’m a guy who puts English lime curd on his toast, I love lime so much. Dang, you’ve nailed the world’s best
    sorbet beyond a doubt. Yee-ha and Yippee!

    This is from someone who lives in Ben & Jerry’s land, but I’ll be on the constant lookout for Jane now. How now, Catskill cow?

    A new fan of your exquisite yummyness.

    Flip Brown – Flip Brown, New York
  • I’ve been eating ice cream at BooBoo and Lyle’s that just opened in Staten Island. It seems a strange thing to recommend, but your vanilla has got to be the best I’ve ever tasted.

    Connie – Staten Island
  • I am a huge Coconut Lover and when we I tried your Coconut Almond Joy, it was love at first taste. The other day as I was walking through my local Hannaford, I saw a sign saying locally made JANE’S ICE CREAM !! I thought to myself there is no way they have MY ice cream flavor and sure enough there it was!! The first thing I did was go to my Facebook page and post it that I had found heaven on earth. My friends were happy to know that it was in the store. Thank you for that and I hope you continue to provide your delicious ice cream at the local supermarket. I love it and thank you!!!

    Leslie – Coconut Lover, Kingston, NY
  • I have been addicted to your products for several years, always having it at Lick, which is near our vacation home.

    My palate has decided that all others, including the top ice cream joints listed/voted in New Jersey Magazine, pale in comparison.


    Thanks again….

    Ian Schorr, NY
  • We are huge fans of Jane’s Ice Cream. Thank you for creating such wonderful flavors to entertain with. So far this summer I have made: Ice cream floats using raspberry lambic and vanilla (Memorial Day); Ginger milk shakes with a splash of Domaine De Canton (last Friday); and for my birthday (June 5th) small scoops of your delicious lavender ice cream turned champagne into a dessert I plan to make a tradition.

    L. Schnable, NY

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